Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hip Hop Trivia at Jack's Pizza tonight....

I went up to Jack's Pizza tonight cause I hadn't yet been to the Hip Hop Trivia night that Mindzai does. Craving pizza, I walked in to immediately bump into JDKNS & WiseFool who also had decided to go up tonight for the first time. We had a very good time! The pizza was great, the people and vibes were on point! Big ups to MEGA for holdin' down the true school!


Don't take it personal.... there's an issue that I'm sure I'm not the only DJ who deals with this on a regular basis. When approaching the DJ booth, please keep your drink AWAY from the tables! This is not to be taken personal when you are pushed away cause your waving your drink around our equipment. It doesn't matter AT-ALL if we're "cool" or if your my best friend in the whole world, it doesn't mean your any less prone to have an accident. Please don't be offended, this equipment pays my bills, and I don't think you want to!hehe Thanks world!

*note* - This has been learned by experience on more than one occasion!
Welp, here I go....startin' the blog world kinda late......testing testing 1, 2, this thing on?