Friday, April 30, 2010


These lizards are everywhere in Freeport...literally!haha

Chillin' in Freeport with Karen, Vanessa, Raewyn, and Ali! Listening to some hilarious stories from Ali! He's a trip!

yup....and more....

Chillin' at Senor Frog's in Nassau! Good times!!

This is goggle tan Johnnie Hilarious!haha He's the man! A great friend onboard and we've hit Miami and Nassau together and had a great time! He's a fantastic character and we've got some funny video's you may get to see once I figure those vid uploads on here!haha

Got milk? HAHA....bein' silly in Nassau with a very large handed manequin!haha...hands, yeah.haha Don't think manequins come like this in the states do they?!hahahaha Good times with Johnnie and Kevin!

Chillin' in Nassau..., this was in walking distance from the port in Nassau. Next time I'm checkin' out another beach...this one was a little rough on the feet but still beautiful! Can you tell those legs have been in pants for a LOOOOONG time?!hahaha Don't worry, I'm gettin' a little sun, but still, not as much as you'd think!

Yeah, we're having a great time!!!

This is Jess, from the Spa, and Vanessa who you met in a previous blog. We're havin' fun at the White Hot After Party! The White Hot Party was a smash! Killed the set and kept everybody rockin' to the end!

Yup, I've gotten several Graph pics to share, they're reppin' in Nassau no doubt!

This is a panned view of my spot on the Great Outdoor Patio where I DJ a real nice "Sunset Chill" vibe a few times a week. Probably one of my favorites! So laid back!

more and more and....

This is Titi Puente, from Miami, FL. He is the owner of Sedici Cafe Grill downtown and I learned 3 visits ago that this is THE place to be for a wonderfully chill environment, great food, and free internet! He treats the world like family and I feel it everytime! I will be here on every stop in Miami, even years to come when it has nothing to do with this cruise, I WILL stop by here! It's like my Charlie Joseph's from the college days in LaGrange, GA. Thank you Titi for your hospitality and for making me feel at home!

ThThis is Emily, from Sweden. She's works in the Spa where they give incredible massages! My first couple of days I went ahead a splurged on a Hot Stone Full Body Massage from Michelle who signed off that week! HEAVEN! To say the least!haha If I could get one everyday, I would! But I'm not ballin' like that!hahaha One day! I met Emily in my first couple of days onboard and she's real cool! They are trying to get me to DJ there private party on Tuesday, gotta see what my schedule is, I'm hopin' it all clicks!

This is Karen, from Zimbabwe! She is an awesome human being and great new friend! We hung out and got to know each other in Freeport, Bahamas. She's a dealer in the casino on the ship. Along with the many depths of life we discussed, she taught me a great word and I've found it to be very soothing, "Woosah"'s said more like, "Woosaaaahhhhhh"....meaning, relax. She mentioned KRS-One as her favorite hiphop MC. So I felt it was very necessary to inscribe my copy of " The Gospel of Hip Hop" from KRS-One and pass it on to her. I love the great friends I'm making on this journey in life! I'll get a new copy when I get home...

This is a view of Atlantis at the Nassau's on my list to check out in the next week or so!

And then there was more....haha, and more and more...

If you really know me, you know that my attention in a book is ziltch! I'm very much a picture pages kinda guy! But who knows what kinda motivations I may have?! Below is a book that I have started reading on this trip!

My mom gave me this book before I left, and believe it or not, I've started reading a few pages each day. This book touches me on every page and I highly recommend checking it out! The bookmark beside it is one my mom made to go with the book and with me. It has a quote from my great grandmother, Aunt Grannie; my grandmother, Grannie Jan; and my Mom. I'm very grateful for this book and words of my family! I love y'all!

Monday, April 26, 2010


This is Jaqueline from the Philipines, very cool and holds it down in the Garden Cafe.

This is Nur, she's from Indonesia and is a wonderful, warm new friend! She bartends and I've stocked up on liter bottles of water all week from her, she didn't think I drank at all!haha.....just not that much is all...water is definately a necessity onboard!!!

This is Fernando, from the Dominican Republic. A sound tech that I work closely with! We've seen some great sights together at the Quest game show!hahahaha If you only knewwww!haha

This is Joner, from the Philipines. He's another one of the sound techs that I work pretty close with. Very cool and he destroys the guitar!!!!

Panned view of Freeport!

Yup, I thought the same thing!haha Freeport, Bahamas!
Bumped into Irina at Sedici Cafe Grill in Miami while at port. There's free wi-fi here and Titi Puente is the coolest! Takes care of everyone like family! I immediately new the other day I'd be returning here on every port! The vibe is great and chill and Titi connects with everyone! It's so laid back I feel like I have to remember to pay him before I leave!haha Big ups to Titi!!!
This is DJ Mike Kruz, we networked before my trip cause he'd been on a previous ship with Scratch and he gave me some good tips and insight into the trip before my leaving. We got to meet in person for the first time this passed week while at port in Miami and we rolled over to Hooters, had some lunch and had a great time meeting! A great new friend in the our DJ world!

This fried fish was my lunch in Nassau from a little hut inside the "Festival" before entering the city at port. Linda runs the hut, and I will return there on every port! The fish was SO good! When we returned there 2 days ago(this pic is the cruise before), I had the much talked about fried conch fritters! Very good! When I'm home or whereever I can finally download these vids I'm taking, you'll get much better details on these experiences! Linda has a daughter in Amsterdam who's studying and working in video/audio and is actually interested in coming to ATL! Small world!

Mmmm, this was good! Although the conch fritters were good, I'm coming back for the fish next time!
This is another ship next to ours at port in Nassau. Just a nice pic!

Some scenes of my trip so far!

Here are just a few of many to come of how amazingly beautiful it is out here! These pics are taken from the Great Outdoor Patio where I DJ nice "Sunset Chill Vibes" on some afternoons!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New friends on the Norwegian Sky!

Here I am rockin' the "White Hot Party" on the Pool Deck. This is the hottest party each cruise! It went very well! People were partyin' til the end!

This is Kelly and Ana from S. Africa and Romania. I feel like I've known them for a long time, when I met them, they pulled me in and it was like we'd been chums already!haha They sell watches, shirts, gifts, etc. on the ship.

This is Katherin, she works with the teens on the ship. We were having a great time meeting and hangin' out on Great Stirrup Cay. Like everyone else on the ship, just wonderful to talk to!

This is Loraine, I've seen her sing several times this week and we just met the other night at one of the parties in Dazzles! She's awesome! A killer soul singer and real cool! She rocks on stage like a Philipina Tina Turner!!! Sweet!

Irina and Orlando at Starbucks in Nassau! Both so pleasant to be around, they work with the excursions dept. I just bumped into Irina here in Miami at Sedici Cafe Grill where I'm using the free wi-fi, had a smoothie and is a very peaceful place to chill and catch up online! She is signing off on May 10th as long as the flights are cool by that time, she's from Cherkassy, Ukraine!

This is Matt Baker, the Cruise Director and my main point of contact, "Boss"! He's a phenomenal character and has impressed me completely on his talents, comedy and direction! He's truly shown me new angles and has been an excellent coach for my being brand new in the cruise world! If you ever go on a cruise, look for his name to insure you'll have a BLAST on your trip!! In this pic we are gearing up for the most popular party on the ship each cruise, the "White Hot Party"! This party rocked to the end!
DJ FLY is the resident DJ onboard and we work together the most. He truly rocks it here and has shown me some of the ways of the ship that are nothing like that on land! In this pic we're in the DJ booth in the night club Dazzles on Deck 6! Big Ups to DJ FLY!
"Pac Man" here next to me was signing back on the ship after being away for 10 days training in Chicago with the Blue Man Group for a new show that they will be doing on the ship! He works with the video production onboard and immediately became my first new friend! He showed me where to go and what to do and welcomed me warmly! His brother "Pacs" was also onboard doing video who he hasn't seen in 2 years because of the crossing schedules on ships. They got to see each other and hang out from that first Sat. to Wed., and his brother has now signed off to another venture! After the first couple of days, there was a crew party in the crew bar where I learned that the crew had secret talents! His brother sang and played guitar, and Pac Man played drums, and they had a full band set up playing rock music and mostly Philipino music! They apologized to me for the songs being Philipino and that I wouldn't understand, but I assured them, music is universal! I thoroughly enjoyed it! And Joner, a sound tech onboard, blew me away with his guitar skills! When first I walked into the crew bar, he was "scratching" on his guitar guesturing to me! Very cool! The crew bar is cool cause it's where all the crew get away and take a load off from each day! And I was happy to see them excercising there side talents!

Some pics from my first week out on the Norwegian Sky!

2am on the pool deck, quiet and peaceful!

Monday, April 19, 2010

1st NCL SKY update!

What's up ATL and world?!! So I've been aboard 3 days now and things are goin well! It's been a little tough adjusting to the whole cruise feeling, etc......weak appetite and some woosiness, but I'm sure it's the nervousness of a new experience...things are settling in. When I arrived to the ship I met my first new friend, "Pac Man", very cool videographer onboard and he was returning after a few weeks of training with the Blue Man Group up in Chicago and we both had to wait for a few hours before we could board, he ended up showing me all the main ropes once we got in and where to go, etc. Extremely helpful and made everything very easy! All the crew staff are AWESOME and I've already made friends I hope to stay in contact with from here on out! I DJed the White Hot Party the first night for about 30 minutes or so before the weather was just too windy and chilly out and they moved things into Dazzles, the night club where DJ FLY(crazy how it's DJ's FLY and SKY on the Norwegian Sky....haha, funny!) took over. He's mad cool and again, a new friend and DJ partner for the next 4 weeks. I also DJed for about 3 hours poolside yesterday and again it was raining, but still had people loungin', singin' and dancin'. The weather's been a bit gloomy and wet but still a great time! They REALLY know how to blow everything up and make things a blast! I've been real flattered to have passengers and crew all recognize me as the "Celebrity Guest DJ"!haha I don't think I'll ever get used to that!haha Already in a few days I've learned alot of the "routines" of the shows, etc. I think by the end of this cruise, I could perform and recite every show!hahaha Yup, it's only the beginning!haha I've decided that my top bunk is gonna be my office where I do my updates and feedback and bottom bunk is for sleep and movies...hehe. If you know me well, you know I snicker and laugh quite a bit, so get used to seein' my "hehe's" and "haha's"!haha I have all day today to do whatever, my 1 hour set tonight doesn't start til midnight!....yeaaaaaaaah...and the sun is actually out today! I scheduled a hot stone full body massage at 6:15 today....hmmm...3 hours away, can't wait for that! Last night, after hangin' out with FLY as he was rockin' Dazzles for awhile, I was invited down to the crew bar(strickly crew) where they all take a load off from the work day and I learned quickly that there's hidden talents in the crew, great musicians, singers, etc. Alot of fun! They had there own band set up and were changing out alot and everybody had a great time! I stayed till the end, 2ish even though I had to be up this morning at 6 for a one time immigration check...ugh...hehe, it was all good though! Turned out that It was a great look on my part to support the crew staff in there world, they were very appreciative and I really enjoy hanging out with my new friends! Most of the crew here are Philipino and have been aboard for up to 10 months at a time, many away from families that are patiently awaiting there returns...I know that has to be tough! I've decided not to leave the ship this stop to just take it easy onboard. The cruise started with a rare 2 day cruise due to an offset from a previous charter, from here on out it's a 3day/4day. The cabins aren't big at all....but the size is perfect for me....all but the shower...haha...that's also a learning be honest, I don't know how some people can operate in them...I'm not the biggest dude...and I've been learning how to bath in a "box" haha!!! You'll see in the pics! Aight...I need to stop and get this posted up and save some stories for another update! Thanks for tuning in, I love y'all and will always miss the "A" wherever I am in this world!

"Your Friendly Neighborhood DJ SKY!"

mmmmm.....massage in 2 hours!haha

p.s. - I've just watched the video and I hope I don't give anybody a seizure! Keep in mind that it's just to give you a quick peak at where I am!haha...and YES, I do think I'm a complete cheeseball on camera!haha......blah!haha Also some of the footage I've noticed, has garble in the sound and color and this is definately due to the weather conditions, wind and drizzle, etc.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where most of my days are spent....

This is where I'm rockin' Tues - Sat, noonish to 7ish....almost 3 years now! Big ups to Just Jeffrey Atlanta! Thanks for keepin' me from havin' to do a regular 9-5 for health insurance!!!! Been there, done that, don'wanna do it anymo'!haha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The "official" Norwegian SKY update spot!

What's happenin' friends and fam?!!! I've got less than 2 weeks before I ship out for 28 days of rockin' between Miami and the Bahamas on the Norwegian Sky! Yes, the ship has my name! DJ Norwegian!haha...jk! Yup, I'm real excited cause this is also a vacation I've needed for years on top of DJin' in paradise! Stay tuned to this page for all the updates I can get up on here as I can! Hopefully at least once a week! Vids, pics, and stories! YESSSS!!!!!