Friday, April 30, 2010

more and more and....

This is Titi Puente, from Miami, FL. He is the owner of Sedici Cafe Grill downtown and I learned 3 visits ago that this is THE place to be for a wonderfully chill environment, great food, and free internet! He treats the world like family and I feel it everytime! I will be here on every stop in Miami, even years to come when it has nothing to do with this cruise, I WILL stop by here! It's like my Charlie Joseph's from the college days in LaGrange, GA. Thank you Titi for your hospitality and for making me feel at home!

ThThis is Emily, from Sweden. She's works in the Spa where they give incredible massages! My first couple of days I went ahead a splurged on a Hot Stone Full Body Massage from Michelle who signed off that week! HEAVEN! To say the least!haha If I could get one everyday, I would! But I'm not ballin' like that!hahaha One day! I met Emily in my first couple of days onboard and she's real cool! They are trying to get me to DJ there private party on Tuesday, gotta see what my schedule is, I'm hopin' it all clicks!

This is Karen, from Zimbabwe! She is an awesome human being and great new friend! We hung out and got to know each other in Freeport, Bahamas. She's a dealer in the casino on the ship. Along with the many depths of life we discussed, she taught me a great word and I've found it to be very soothing, "Woosah"'s said more like, "Woosaaaahhhhhh"....meaning, relax. She mentioned KRS-One as her favorite hiphop MC. So I felt it was very necessary to inscribe my copy of " The Gospel of Hip Hop" from KRS-One and pass it on to her. I love the great friends I'm making on this journey in life! I'll get a new copy when I get home...

This is a view of Atlantis at the Nassau's on my list to check out in the next week or so!

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