Friday, April 23, 2010

New friends on the Norwegian Sky!

Here I am rockin' the "White Hot Party" on the Pool Deck. This is the hottest party each cruise! It went very well! People were partyin' til the end!

This is Kelly and Ana from S. Africa and Romania. I feel like I've known them for a long time, when I met them, they pulled me in and it was like we'd been chums already!haha They sell watches, shirts, gifts, etc. on the ship.

This is Katherin, she works with the teens on the ship. We were having a great time meeting and hangin' out on Great Stirrup Cay. Like everyone else on the ship, just wonderful to talk to!

This is Loraine, I've seen her sing several times this week and we just met the other night at one of the parties in Dazzles! She's awesome! A killer soul singer and real cool! She rocks on stage like a Philipina Tina Turner!!! Sweet!

Irina and Orlando at Starbucks in Nassau! Both so pleasant to be around, they work with the excursions dept. I just bumped into Irina here in Miami at Sedici Cafe Grill where I'm using the free wi-fi, had a smoothie and is a very peaceful place to chill and catch up online! She is signing off on May 10th as long as the flights are cool by that time, she's from Cherkassy, Ukraine!

This is Matt Baker, the Cruise Director and my main point of contact, "Boss"! He's a phenomenal character and has impressed me completely on his talents, comedy and direction! He's truly shown me new angles and has been an excellent coach for my being brand new in the cruise world! If you ever go on a cruise, look for his name to insure you'll have a BLAST on your trip!! In this pic we are gearing up for the most popular party on the ship each cruise, the "White Hot Party"! This party rocked to the end!
DJ FLY is the resident DJ onboard and we work together the most. He truly rocks it here and has shown me some of the ways of the ship that are nothing like that on land! In this pic we're in the DJ booth in the night club Dazzles on Deck 6! Big Ups to DJ FLY!
"Pac Man" here next to me was signing back on the ship after being away for 10 days training in Chicago with the Blue Man Group for a new show that they will be doing on the ship! He works with the video production onboard and immediately became my first new friend! He showed me where to go and what to do and welcomed me warmly! His brother "Pacs" was also onboard doing video who he hasn't seen in 2 years because of the crossing schedules on ships. They got to see each other and hang out from that first Sat. to Wed., and his brother has now signed off to another venture! After the first couple of days, there was a crew party in the crew bar where I learned that the crew had secret talents! His brother sang and played guitar, and Pac Man played drums, and they had a full band set up playing rock music and mostly Philipino music! They apologized to me for the songs being Philipino and that I wouldn't understand, but I assured them, music is universal! I thoroughly enjoyed it! And Joner, a sound tech onboard, blew me away with his guitar skills! When first I walked into the crew bar, he was "scratching" on his guitar guesturing to me! Very cool! The crew bar is cool cause it's where all the crew get away and take a load off from each day! And I was happy to see them excercising there side talents!

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