Monday, April 19, 2010

1st NCL SKY update!

What's up ATL and world?!! So I've been aboard 3 days now and things are goin well! It's been a little tough adjusting to the whole cruise feeling, etc......weak appetite and some woosiness, but I'm sure it's the nervousness of a new experience...things are settling in. When I arrived to the ship I met my first new friend, "Pac Man", very cool videographer onboard and he was returning after a few weeks of training with the Blue Man Group up in Chicago and we both had to wait for a few hours before we could board, he ended up showing me all the main ropes once we got in and where to go, etc. Extremely helpful and made everything very easy! All the crew staff are AWESOME and I've already made friends I hope to stay in contact with from here on out! I DJed the White Hot Party the first night for about 30 minutes or so before the weather was just too windy and chilly out and they moved things into Dazzles, the night club where DJ FLY(crazy how it's DJ's FLY and SKY on the Norwegian Sky....haha, funny!) took over. He's mad cool and again, a new friend and DJ partner for the next 4 weeks. I also DJed for about 3 hours poolside yesterday and again it was raining, but still had people loungin', singin' and dancin'. The weather's been a bit gloomy and wet but still a great time! They REALLY know how to blow everything up and make things a blast! I've been real flattered to have passengers and crew all recognize me as the "Celebrity Guest DJ"!haha I don't think I'll ever get used to that!haha Already in a few days I've learned alot of the "routines" of the shows, etc. I think by the end of this cruise, I could perform and recite every show!hahaha Yup, it's only the beginning!haha I've decided that my top bunk is gonna be my office where I do my updates and feedback and bottom bunk is for sleep and movies...hehe. If you know me well, you know I snicker and laugh quite a bit, so get used to seein' my "hehe's" and "haha's"!haha I have all day today to do whatever, my 1 hour set tonight doesn't start til midnight!....yeaaaaaaaah...and the sun is actually out today! I scheduled a hot stone full body massage at 6:15 today....hmmm...3 hours away, can't wait for that! Last night, after hangin' out with FLY as he was rockin' Dazzles for awhile, I was invited down to the crew bar(strickly crew) where they all take a load off from the work day and I learned quickly that there's hidden talents in the crew, great musicians, singers, etc. Alot of fun! They had there own band set up and were changing out alot and everybody had a great time! I stayed till the end, 2ish even though I had to be up this morning at 6 for a one time immigration check...ugh...hehe, it was all good though! Turned out that It was a great look on my part to support the crew staff in there world, they were very appreciative and I really enjoy hanging out with my new friends! Most of the crew here are Philipino and have been aboard for up to 10 months at a time, many away from families that are patiently awaiting there returns...I know that has to be tough! I've decided not to leave the ship this stop to just take it easy onboard. The cruise started with a rare 2 day cruise due to an offset from a previous charter, from here on out it's a 3day/4day. The cabins aren't big at all....but the size is perfect for me....all but the shower...haha...that's also a learning be honest, I don't know how some people can operate in them...I'm not the biggest dude...and I've been learning how to bath in a "box" haha!!! You'll see in the pics! Aight...I need to stop and get this posted up and save some stories for another update! Thanks for tuning in, I love y'all and will always miss the "A" wherever I am in this world!

"Your Friendly Neighborhood DJ SKY!"

mmmmm.....massage in 2 hours!haha

p.s. - I've just watched the video and I hope I don't give anybody a seizure! Keep in mind that it's just to give you a quick peak at where I am!haha...and YES, I do think I'm a complete cheeseball on camera!haha......blah!haha Also some of the footage I've noticed, has garble in the sound and color and this is definately due to the weather conditions, wind and drizzle, etc.


  1. Sounds so awesome! Full body massage...chill till the 1-hour set...LIFE SOUNDS GOOOOOOOD...and MUCH DESERVED! I'm so happy for you and this opportunity! Joe and I, and your niece-to-be, send our love and jealousy!!


  2. So fun! Glad to hear you are having a great time. Love the cruise mix!!