Friday, April 30, 2010

yup....and more....

Chillin' at Senor Frog's in Nassau! Good times!!

This is goggle tan Johnnie Hilarious!haha He's the man! A great friend onboard and we've hit Miami and Nassau together and had a great time! He's a fantastic character and we've got some funny video's you may get to see once I figure those vid uploads on here!haha

Got milk? HAHA....bein' silly in Nassau with a very large handed manequin!haha...hands, yeah.haha Don't think manequins come like this in the states do they?!hahahaha Good times with Johnnie and Kevin!

Chillin' in Nassau..., this was in walking distance from the port in Nassau. Next time I'm checkin' out another beach...this one was a little rough on the feet but still beautiful! Can you tell those legs have been in pants for a LOOOOONG time?!hahaha Don't worry, I'm gettin' a little sun, but still, not as much as you'd think!

Yeah, we're having a great time!!!

This is Jess, from the Spa, and Vanessa who you met in a previous blog. We're havin' fun at the White Hot After Party! The White Hot Party was a smash! Killed the set and kept everybody rockin' to the end!

Yup, I've gotten several Graph pics to share, they're reppin' in Nassau no doubt!

This is a panned view of my spot on the Great Outdoor Patio where I DJ a real nice "Sunset Chill" vibe a few times a week. Probably one of my favorites! So laid back!

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