Monday, April 26, 2010

This is DJ Mike Kruz, we networked before my trip cause he'd been on a previous ship with Scratch and he gave me some good tips and insight into the trip before my leaving. We got to meet in person for the first time this passed week while at port in Miami and we rolled over to Hooters, had some lunch and had a great time meeting! A great new friend in the our DJ world!

This fried fish was my lunch in Nassau from a little hut inside the "Festival" before entering the city at port. Linda runs the hut, and I will return there on every port! The fish was SO good! When we returned there 2 days ago(this pic is the cruise before), I had the much talked about fried conch fritters! Very good! When I'm home or whereever I can finally download these vids I'm taking, you'll get much better details on these experiences! Linda has a daughter in Amsterdam who's studying and working in video/audio and is actually interested in coming to ATL! Small world!

Mmmm, this was good! Although the conch fritters were good, I'm coming back for the fish next time!
This is another ship next to ours at port in Nassau. Just a nice pic!

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  1. HI hon!!! I tried to comment the other day, but apparently it didn't go through. ha! Beautiful pictures and, hopefully, evidence that all is well. We miss you and Kumo sends his love and a little grrrr - oh, and a woof. He's so sweet. We are at Orchard now - returning tomorrow (friday) to the burbs. Look forward to the next blog/email/call. hugs. . .