Monday, April 26, 2010


This is Jaqueline from the Philipines, very cool and holds it down in the Garden Cafe.

This is Nur, she's from Indonesia and is a wonderful, warm new friend! She bartends and I've stocked up on liter bottles of water all week from her, she didn't think I drank at all!haha.....just not that much is all...water is definately a necessity onboard!!!

This is Fernando, from the Dominican Republic. A sound tech that I work closely with! We've seen some great sights together at the Quest game show!hahahaha If you only knewwww!haha

This is Joner, from the Philipines. He's another one of the sound techs that I work pretty close with. Very cool and he destroys the guitar!!!!

Panned view of Freeport!

Yup, I thought the same thing!haha Freeport, Bahamas!
Bumped into Irina at Sedici Cafe Grill in Miami while at port. There's free wi-fi here and Titi Puente is the coolest! Takes care of everyone like family! I immediately new the other day I'd be returning here on every port! The vibe is great and chill and Titi connects with everyone! It's so laid back I feel like I have to remember to pay him before I leave!haha Big ups to Titi!!!

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